Harrods Men’s Superbrands – a Visit

Harrods remains one of London’s greatest shopping destinations. My wife and I visited during the post-Christmas sales, and, well – it really is a retail experience like no other. The menswear department on the lower ground floor is like visiting Mr. Porter if it had a physical space. I like browsing online to a degree – but I will always favour visiting, browsing, taking in. Being delighted by a surprise find or sale item hidden away amongst a rail or a shelf. I really wanted to find the Brunello Cucinelli concession, but to no avail. One downside of a place the size of Harrods is that the layout is a tad confusing. No matter. The wife and I have decided to make the visit to Harrods post-Christmas an annual one. And I hope to make a pilgrimage of sorts to Brunello Cucinelli this summer as we will be in the Umbria region of Italy. I keep reading about the castle, the village of Solomeo, and it conjures up images of real craftsmanship and dedication to fine men’s clothing. Wait for that post soon!

Solomeo, home of Brunello Cucinelli