Winter/Spring ’19 at Wolf & Badger, Coal Drops Yard

In the depths of winter, we took off to London Kings Cross for some respite from the cold and the Brexit gloom. After a fun Filipino tasting menu at nearby BBQ Dreamz (thank you Lee and team!), we headed excitedly over to the new Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross, London. Well: what an experience! The site unravels, welcoming you in with incredible stores like Wolf & Badger, and for coffee, Alain Duccasse (where you can delight in his luxurious chocolate to go with). My wife and I, and brother and his wife, were bowled over by Wolf & Badger: it was the store that we would all have wished of dreaming up were we in the fashion business. Hugely exciting, with concessions featuring a florist, bicycle sales, jewellery, accessories, space to sit and read and of course some really great modern clothes.

Best of all the fashions they stock are really focused on young British designers. A range of prices, too. Which is great, because surely high street fashion is like that? It can’t all be about super brands with corresponding price tags. I was looking for a camouflage styled top, and picked up one from Karim Maher. He is a Scottish designer who left a career in investment banking to pursue fashion design. It’s a great story and one I can relate to; on occasion I’ll be inspired thinking of an alternative career involving something creative. But for now, it’s just great to have places like Wolf & Badger which inspire talented new designers and keen shoppers alike!