In praise of… travel garment bags (and Armani travel suits!)

For a small outlay, the simple nylon travel garment bag I found in TM Lewis for £30 has served me exceptionally well this past year. Weekend trips mean I have somewhere to fold and store a t-shirt and some smart evening wear, a small bag within a slightly larger bag!

For summer, 12 days away and I was able to neatly fold and keep looking fresh the following: 1 x Belstaff t-shirt; 1 x Reiss polo shirt; 1 x TH polo; 1 x J.Crew plain light blue T; 1 x Reiss ‘Perfect white oxford shirt’; 1 x Gant ‘perfect oxford shirt’ (both the latter are true). Add a few others, and that’s nearly a full week’s worth of neatly kept summer wear – day and night!

Back at work now and my eyes have been drawn to that other men’s travel staple – the travel suit. Stretchy, crease free blend. Comfortable.

Brilliantly, Armani have combined the two with their blue travel suit paired with eye-catching garment bag to store it in – will be keeping my eyes peeled for this in the shops!