Mount Street vs Saville Row?

Well: here is an interesting article from the FT’s How to Spend It. A profile of a new generation of tailors taking classic British elegance into new directions. I love it! And it profiles Douglas Hayward, whose finely made, “loose but fitted”, double breasted jacket continues to be a real highlight in my collection. It’s a joy to wear.

The article explains that when Hayward passed away, it was two former Kilgour tailors who took on the brand. So it must be one of their creations that I have.

Also interesting that they set up on Mount Street (always one of Mayfair’s most elegant addresses). I love strolling down its pink-bricked shop frontages – but now have a couple of excellent reasons to visit!

My new favourite brand, Rubinacci, has also recently set up shop there. I’m inspired by Luca Rubinacci’s Instagram videos; so charming, so full of joie de vivre and love for his craft!

So next time I’m in town, I’m off to Mount Street not Saville Row!